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Consistency in the Basics – Part 3 – The Shu-Ha-Ri of Basics


Author with Sayaka Oguri, Oguri Sensei’s daughter, after passing the Sakki test. April 2016.)In Part 2 we looked at the cycles of life phases as a parallel to the training phases we have experienced over the last 4 decades in the Bujinkan. We noted that where you fit in that cycle of life phase...

Consistency in the Basics – Part 2


About the author:With Basics You Can Fight“If one is proficient in Kihon Happo, San Shin and Muto Dori, they can fight.” This quote, attributed to Nagato Sensei, emphasizes that good basics are key to our ability to fight.March 1989: Author with Nagato Sensei after surviving the Shidoshi Sunday...